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crazy savage unreleased alternative versions

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Ooh my Soul / I got it

ALTERNATIVE TAKES (RAW RECORDS for the records store days)

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“All the teen-age felines will be purring with pleasure to hear that the Georgia Peach has a tasty new biscuit for his adoring fans. “Little” Richard Penniman strikes again with this frenetic double-bladed sabre. And good golly mister Molly, the sound sure is BEAT! Piano-demolisher Richard has been trolling the boogie-woogie joints and party shacks since he was a spring chicken. Now his fame has jumped the tracks, the hep kids from all over town have got him shining in the spotlight like a diamante-studded Tinkerbelle. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you have heard these two fireballs. While the titles may look kinda familiar, these are unreleased alternative versions that are so SAVAGE and CRAZY they could have come from outer space. Like, planet Urania baby! You can bet a dollar to a dime these sock rockers will grab off plenty of play in both the R&B and pop jukeboxes. Each ditty is a flitty rhythm-novelty teamed with jive lyrics that break the sound barrier in velocity and loudness. So add these scorching blasters to your stack of red hot wax, throw it on the spinning wheel and dig that needle in the groove right away!! “.

Limited edition of 150 copies.

Handmade hard cover sleeve by a bookbinder, following the original 1950s process of manufacturing. The Ultimate reproduction of a 50’s American EP record cover! Everything is carefully handmade and the result is simply stunning. This record has it all – great sound, photos & liner notes.


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